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Releasing Your Inner Entrepreneur

A high energy, self-made serial entrepreneur, Ben VandenWymelenberg knows that there’s an entrepreneur inside of each of us, and believes that ‘Knowing Your Why’ is the first step to revealing the entrepreneurial mindset. As he has connected with leaders and founders around the world, he has realized one staggering truth: that if we actually all implemented our ideas and unleashed the entrepreneur inside of all of us, we would solve many of the world’s perceived problems.  He speaks on graduating mindsets in order to break down barriers of entry, dives into the significance of triple bottom line & being a socially responsible business, and explains the importance of consciously choosing your inner circle to propel your goals forward. Appealing to those starting a business as well as those in corporate positions, Ben is dedicated to helping everyone build confidence around the talents & intelligence they possess. Marrying passion with practicality, Ben brings his experiences to life to explain that the world’s problems do not have time for you to wait on your ideas.


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